Saturday, April 6, 2013

FAQ #10: Is there any compelling reason to worship Jesus as God?

Question: Is there any compelling reason to worship Jesus as God?

  1. In every source that describes the resurrected Jesus having conversation with people, he always accepts worship or some title of worship. In John, a disciple calls Jesus "my Lord and my God" and Jesus compliments him. In Matthew and Luke, it describes Jesus accepting worship, without showing resistance. (In Judaism, worship is strictly reserved for God alone.)
  2. Of all the people God could resurrect, it would be very unusual for him to resurrect someone who would then go on to falsely claim to be God! God hates blasphemy, so the fact that Jesus accepts worship after a miracle of that magnitude is strong evidence that he actually is worthy of that worship. 
  3. The things Jesus said and did in his ministry make the most sense when we realize he is acting as if he is God. (Unless otherwise mentioned, these examples are found throughout the gospels).
    1. He revises Old Testament laws on his own authority. 
    2. He commands demons out of people by his own authority.
    3. He assigns a future role for himself that is reserved for God (i.e. judging the world). 
    4. He says he is the only way to God.
    5. By dying for our sins, He considers himself perfect and/or worthy enough for the sacrifice to cover the sins of everyone in the entire world.
    6. Occasionally, publicly and privately, Jesus says He is God in very clear terms. (John 14:9, John 8:58)
    7. He acted with extreme integrity, exemplifying love and truth everything he said and did. 

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