Saturday, August 25, 2012

A thought I had today....

I hope to give more thought out posts in the future but this thought occurred to me today.

I have noticed that when people like to talk about what Jesus "really" said and did sometimes the liberal scholars and theologians really like to be pretty ruthless with what sayings are actually authentic sayings of Jesus. They say that many of them aren't actually authentic sayings of Jesus.

However, what's interesting is some liberal theologians seem to lose interest in what sayings are authentic or not when they are trying to prove the point that Jesus is pro-X (where X is some political idea). Everyone seems to think that every saying of Jesus is pretty much fair game when making their point.

Perhaps this is just my imagination but it seems people are pretty much happy to say its all authentic when trying to prove a political point that Jesus is for a certain idea. However, when asked about apologetics issues they seem to go back to their previous skepticism.

Not saying I have actually witnessed someone doing this but this is the vibe I get....


  1. It's easy to interpret the words of someone who is no longer alive to clarify his words to whatever position you want.

  2. Greetings from Adamantine.

    I am not a philosopher but recently completed a course on CD by the Teaching company on philosophy. :^)

    I posted on your other blog.
    Have a great day

  3. Sorry Adamantine I didn't see you posted on here!! That is cool you listened to a course on philosophy. Philosophy is fun!!