Sunday, March 24, 2013

FAQ #2: Doesn't the theory of evolution prove that Christians are wrong?

Question: Doesn't the theory of evolution prove that Christians are wrong?

  1. The core beliefs of Christianity are that the Messiah Jesus died to forgive your sins and then resurrected from the dead. If evolution turns out to be true, then it wouldn't make any of those core beliefs untrue. The statement "evolution is true, therefore Jesus didn't rise from the dead" does not follow.
  2. The Bible is not necessarily opposed to evolution. Genesis 1-2 state that God created the world in six days. The sequence of creation events in the story is semi-consistent with an evolutionary narrative.  (i.e sea animals were made before land animals and humans). However, for theological reasons found in those two chapters, the length of each of these "days" is unclear. In addition to this, the Bible doesn't say how God created the world, only that he did it. This means that Genesis 1-2 do not explicitly contradict the theory of evolution. 
  3. The above does not mean a person should automatically believe in evolution. They should make their decision based on what they think is actually true. They should not base their decision on whether or not some people or group of people will think they are silly. Truth is vastly more important than social acceptance. 

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  1. Death entered into the world after the fall. Evolution or natural selection involves death and repeated death for species to evolve hence the bible cannot be consistent with evolution