Monday, March 25, 2013

FAQ #5: Isn't it unfair to be born into a fallen world without our consent?

Question: Isn't it unfair to be born into a sinful and painful world without our consent?

  1. It isn't unfair for God to let us be born in a fallen and broken world without our consent, because we would have chosen it for ourselves if given the chance. Furthermore, every time we sin, we consent with Adam's choice to live in a fallen world. This is why God let Adam be the representative for the entire human race, instead of making each of us go through a fateful decision. 
  2. God allows us to choose to spend eternity either with Him or away from him. However, he knows we will be extremely unhappy if we choose not to be with Him forever, because He is the most loving and beautiful Being in the universe. So when God lets us be born into a sinful condition, it helps us realize how bad and unsatisfying sin really is. It's painful to live in a cruel and violent world of sin separate from God. Furthermore, when we experience unwanted sinful desires and become slaves to sin instead of God, we realize how unsatisfying and controlling sin can be. Both of these things are God's way of persuading us to choose to worship Him forever, instead of being slaves to sin.
  3. Being born into a fallen world is painful and seems unfair. Nevertheless, any pain we experience in this life is extremely small compared to an eternity with a loving God. Any unfairness we perceive in this life, God will compensate us for millions of times over in eternity.

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